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Special Promotion- Best Anti-Aging Perfect for Microneedling + Free Eyelash & Brow Boosting Serum

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Our Special Promotion- Best Anti-Aging Perfect for Microneedling with FREE Eyelash & Brow Boosting Serum

Eyelash & Brow Boosting Serum:

A high-performance serum with symrise technology for elegantly long, thick-looking lashes and visibly full brows. This powerful, hydrating formula helps prevent lashes and brows from looking sparse, short and thin. Eyelashes and eyebrows appear fuller, healthier and rich with shine.

What are the benefits of microneedling?

The benefits are remarkably far-reaching. For one, the tiny puncture wounds produced by the head of the tools greatly improve your skin's ability to absorb topical skincare products and helps them work better.

Microneedling also stimulates blood circulation and collagen production in the treated area by over 1,000%, according to some estimates. And when compared to many harsher, more invasive and expensive treatments like chemical peels, laser resurfacing or dermabrasion, microneedling is incredibly cost effective.

Additionally, unlike some other treatments, microneedling works well on all skin types and can be used to treat the body, face, around the eyes, mouth, neck and even the scalp.

Microneedling has been proven to significantly improve the following skin problems:

+ Rough skin texture
+ Wrinkle
+ Fine lines
+ Crow's feet
+ Laugh lines
+ Surgical scars
+ Acne scars
+ Chicken pox scars
+ Large pores
+ Sun damaged skin
+ Aging skin
+ Stretch marks