by Howard Ng

At Cosmetic Solutions, we provide our clients with custom formulation services. If you have a concept for a custom skincare product – cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, wrinkle treatments or any other product you can conceptualize – our team of qualified chemists can create a formulation tailored to your specifications.

Depending on the requirements of the requested formulation, we can either adapt one of the products in our extensive inventory of base formulations, or customize your formula from the ground up. These decisions are all based on your needs, vision, and budget. Did you know that we can also reverse engineer the formulas of other products? If you are interested in a product not in our current line, we can break down the formulation to create a product for your line that contains similar attributes.

Our team of expertly trained sales associates will work with you to help bring to life the product you need for your target market. Our industry knowledge will help you to make the best choices for your brand – formulations, packaging & design – to ensure your success in the skincare industry.

If you would like to develop your own custom formula, it is advisable to conduct some research in order to assure feasibility. While we will do everything in our ability to meet your requirements, having a basic understanding of the concepts involved and knowing what you want your product to accomplish, will help us achieve your goals more effectively and economically.

Contract Manufacturing

This more traditional approach to contract manufacturing may be better suited for your brand when you have established preferred labeling and packaging vendors. We will happily assist you in providing project time lines.

Limited Turn Key

Our long standing alliances with labeling and packaging suppliers enable us to offer turn-key manufacturing services. We work with you to establish project time lines in conjunction with your prospective launch date. For a nominal fee, this service is provided to lessen the burden of planning and procurement for your brand.